Ari L, Megna R, Emuna N

We created a website where there is a space to take fun quizzes to attract a younger audience, but we also have an awareness page where we post about current issues we want to start the conversation on. With EMEGRI we hope to change the way kids address issues. Some of our quizzes relate directly to awareness posts on our website.

Kids aren't fully aware of many issues in today's society.

We hope to attract kids to our visit who are interested in quizzes so they can also read about prevalent issues.

We were faced with many problems over the course of the project but we hit a main roadblock during the process. We had lost motivation and our overall website design was lacking, so to overcome it, we regrouped and created more in-depth plans that we then followed through with.

We are a group of kids who enjoy coding.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .