Learn about the environment with gaming!

Vasti R, Inchara N, Tola A, Katherine S, and Summer G

Our website hosts our game, and makes information available to users about what actions they can take to better the environment. It also has more information about us and our coding process. Our game is a text adventure game that challenges players to make environmentally conscious decisions. In the future we plan to add more content to the original game as well as several mini games.

Many kids are unaware about the problems in the environment and how they can help. Environmental consciousness is a very important trait for a child to have, but often times they do not develop this attribute.

Many elementary and middle school children love to play computer games. So much so, that computer games are now used to educate children. In the same way, we made an appealing text adventure which places them through a variety of situations where they have to make choices to better the environment. Through the website, they can also learn about ways they can get involved to better the environment.

The hardest part about our final project was finding a coding language for our game that was compatible with our website, coded in html and css. We started out using python, but later on we found out that embedding the game would be too difficult for us. After, we couldn’t decide if Javascript or Scratch would be best for the game. Javascript is more difficult and time consuming, but Scratch took more effort to make it look professional. We tried both for a day, then determined that Scratch was the best way to go. Scratch made our game run better because we could easily add graphics and make changes to the game even after the website was uploaded.

"This game is meaningful and important!" - Meena Anderson

Hello everybody! We are Code Green, the developers of EcoVenture. We are participants the 2017 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at IBM Austin. Throughout this seven-week intensive coding camp, we have learned a lot of coding skills that can be seen in EcoVenture, our final project.
As a team, all five of us are very passionate about raising awareness about environmental issues. Additionally, we all enjoy gaming and Computer Science. The way we combined both of our passions, was through EcoVenture, a game for elementary and middle school children, where they can learn about the importance of protecting the environment and what actions they can take to better it.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IBM (Austin).