Spreading awareness about environmental issues around the world.

Sydney H, Annamarie M, Ashleigh A, Lisette M

"EcoTeen" is a website we created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the purpose of spreading awareness about environmental issues around the world. "EcoTeen" contains a variety of resources to make helping the environment easier and more accessible, covering topics from climate change to poaching. We have a fun DIY (do it yourself) page and everyday tips, which are not only environmentally conscious, but also cost effective. Utilizing a Google Maps API, users can quickly find recycling centers in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. We also have a Donations page that redirects you to environmental non-profit organizations.

We consistently use natural resources without thinking about the detrimental effects it has on our environment. If we continue to ignore these global issues, we will end up destroying our planet.

We provide environmental topics and other materials to further educate people on what is going on in our planet as well as encourage them to take action. We hope that, through education, we can bring light to these issues and push towards solving them. People need to be part of this act to better our earth, one step at a time.

We faced many formatting issues, primarily when it came to including videos and the Google Maps API. However, through our persistence and creativity, we were able to find new and unique ways to display all the information beautifully.

Annamarie (far left) is 16 and goes to Laguna Beach High School. In her free time, she likes to go to Disneyland and take pictures. In the future, she would like to do some sort of computer animation for Disney or Marvel.

Sydney (second from left) is 15 years old and attends Eleanor Roosevelt High School. She likes to make art, do judo, and read. Sydney aspires to be a software engineer, with an emphasis on design.

Ashleigh (second from right) is 16 and goes to International Polytechnic High School. She enjoys playing volleyball and running student council. In the future, Ashleigh wants to go into Cyber-Security.

Lisette (far right) is 16 and goes to Whitney High School. She enjoys playing soccer, watching horror movies, having water balloon fights, and traveling. She wants to pursue a career in computer science and hopes to work in a dog-friendly environment.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Blizzard - LOS.