Ecoprints: Working toward a cleaner future and a better you.

Rachel Coffield, Rebecca Sutton, Hannah Mullins, Grace Mullins, Kayla Lucas, Arwa Sidig, Isha Dave

Ecoprints Mock-Up:
The world around us is rapidly decaying, and that has to change. We believe our app has the capabilities to do that. We aim to help the environment and encourage others to help to through an engaging, fun, socal-media-styled application.

Project consists on a website to showcase the App Ecoprints. The App is a mock-up developed using Python via Codesters. We work in designing the App to help people track its carbon footprint via a game that encourage the user to reduce its carbon footprint by competing with others and showcasing his/her achievements.

We hope to continue working on developing the mock-up into a more advance App prototype to add GPS data and photos that the user can upload to track his/her footprint.

The earth is suffering from an environmental crisis.

Ecoprints is an app that encourage the user to compete with others to reduce his/her carbon footprint.

Creating the website using code. We had to learn how HTML and CSS. We used tutorial to help us write the code.
App development was through Codesters, each member designed a screen and the mentors helped us connect the screens. It was hard to coordinate and sync all the work and ideas together. We ran out of time and we did not connect all the screens. We hope to continue working on the App next session.
We developed the mock-up to be able to attract support and investors.

"This app can save the world"
"The user interface design is clean and easy to read"
"The screens are navigable"

We are a group of middle and high school girls from Charleston, WV who are passionate about computer science and saving our beautiful planet.

You can view our pitch here, using the following password when prompted: EcoPrint.

You can view our mock-up here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Plane Janes 4-H/GWC WVU Kanawha County Extension Office.