Helping people become more aware, one city at a time.

Sarah W., Chinasa M., Kaitlyn L., Qiqi L.

ECO2 Change is here to provide you with easy to access information regarding CO2 emissions in different cities all over the world.
CO2 emissions are an environmental problem which means that they are also a health problem. With the help of this website, you will be able to understand how reducing your carbon footprint not only helps you, but can help someone thousands of miles away. Hopefully, we can come together to make Earth a cleaner place by taking responsibility for our individual impacts.

Per the United States Environmental Protection Agency, CO2 accounted for 82.2% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in 2015. Our oceans are warming, our animals and forests are dying, our ice caps are melting, and our sources of food are running dry. Greenhouse gases are killing our Earth, and while many people do not believe in global warming, we wish to provide information about why climate change is important. We want to spread awareness to those who don’t fully understand the consequences of global warming.

We made a website that shows population, current carbon dioxide emissions, air quality, and recent carbon dioxide policies for many cities internationally. We hope that our website can educate people about carbon dioxide, provide important health information regarding air pollution, and inform people on how to reduce their carbon footprints.

Our group had to obtain data from two different APIs. Learning about an API and what each one returned proved to be challenging. We had to learn a new language, JavaScript, to loop through the data, filter out the data that we wanted, display it on our website, and make requests to the API.

"This project highlights one of the most important problems in our society. Creating a website to raise awareness about global warming through facts and images creates a huge impact on people living around the world." - Ganeshram Chockalingam, TA of the Ada Lovelace classroom, GE San Ramon

Sarah is a rising junior at The College Preparatory School. She is interested in biology and computer science, and hopes to go into these fields in the future. Her hobbies include photography, baking, and basketball. She hopes that ECO2Change will provide a valuable resource for climate change education.

Chinasa is a rising junior at Phillips Exeter Academy. She has a passion for medicine, politics, and web development. ECO2Change is important to Chinasa, because she has always cared about the environment and is a strong advocate for organizations that try to shed more light on this horrible phenomenon.

Qiqi is a rising senior at Castro Valley High School. Some of her passions include running, swimming, scrolling through nature photos, chemistry, and environmental science. She is a strong advocate for battling against climate change. She believes that through ECO2Change, not only is she able to help the world but also help others help themselves.

Kaitlyn is a senior at Castro Valley High School in California. She is a big participator in her school music program. At school, she is treasurer of the ReSPONse Club and the president of Tri-M. Her hobbies include photography, piano, tennis, reading, and writing. Her main task for this project was the creating and designing of the maps.

You can view our website here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Bay Area).