Facilitate the movement of excess food from restaurants to shelters in a hub-like website.

Swati M, Nathaly JM, Edith S, Jaysri M

Eazy Eats was created to facilitate the movement of excess food from restaurants to shelters in Metro Atlanta. It is an accessible hub created to connect all 3 parties involved: restaurants, drivers, and shelters. With 3 separate login and registration pages, and crossovers between accounts, Eazy Eats creates the perfect amount of separation and integration between the 3 groups.

There is so much food waste happening every day, especially at restaurants before and after closing time. There are also many people who are searching for their next meal every single day.

Eazy Eats' main goal is to lessen food waste and share food with those in need. With enough food to go around and people to take the food where it needs to go, there is no reason for so much edible food to go to waste.

A technical problem the Eazy Eats team faced was the functionality of the tabs and hovering features. They also had small issues with spacing and visual aspects. But all problems, big and small, were solved through teamwork, asking for help, and external resources.

"Forward thinking! A very necessary idea that more business owners should consider, especially with all of the resources they have access to."

Swati, Nathaly, Edith, and Jaysri are all rising high school juniors. The Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program has offered them all an opportunity to make an impact in a field they are passionate about: food! They are so grateful for this platform and hope to grow their project, “Eazy Eats”, in the future.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony.