Be at EASE, and chat openly.

Chloe S, Kyrie M, Fatima A, Esohe O, Mikaylah B

"EASE" is a platform for people to communicate anonymously with other users about their worries, feelings, and problems. After creating an account, users can log in and access live chat rooms and a public forum to post about any topic on their mind. Users also have a diary in which they can record their thoughts, and can access a Resources page with hotlines if they need more immediate help.

Here at "EASE", we know that opening up is huge part of good mental health. With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health problems each year, we want to make sure every person out there has someone to turn to.

"EASE" is a website dedicated to combating mental health issues by offering a platform for people to anonymously talk about their problems with other people. We wanted our website to be a way for others to connect with people who want to listen.

One of the hardest parts about our website was figuring out how to create a working database so that users could log in and save their work. We eventually figured it out through a lot of Google searches and StackOverflow, but it was definitely difficult, and it seemed like as soon as we fixed one problem, another would pop up!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at JPMorgan Chase (NYC).