Collect cans, avoid mud, and bring change to help end global warming!

Arghya K, Lunden H

Our project, EARTHMANIA, addresses the impending issue of Global Warming. Our goal is to spread awareness about the problem of pollution and emphasize our duty as humans to take care of the Earth. Collect the cans and avoid the mud puddles to clean up the earth.

James Hansen stated, "Global warming isn't a prediction. It is happening." We agree. Global Warming and Climate Change is a problem spreading throughout the world. We believe it is our fault. Humans are failing to notice our carelessness towards the Earth. We are polluting, neglecting, and abusing our only home.

We are bringing awareness to this issue. Our objective is to convey to the younger generations that they can bring change. We reveal this through our game. When the game starts it's smog covered. You are playing as the Earth. She wants to collect all the cans to save herself from dying.

We over looked the simple things. It came down to taking a break, going back over our code, and spotting the bug. In the middle of our final project we had an issue with Phantom Cans. Our sprite was collecting cans that were not there. We couldn't figure out why the meter was adding a can when the sprite hadn't collided with the can yet. In the end the problem just disappeared like the phantom cans. We are forever grateful of this.

"Visually stunning masterpiece" - Emily G

Our names are Arghya and Lunden. We are rising seniors who care a lot about the Earth. Asghya is a dancer and a martial artist. She’s been programming for a year and is in her school’s science club, full IB program, and National Honor Society. She likes long walks and anything sweet (aka chocolate). She has four plants, Daisy, Lola, Ursula, and Simba. Lunden has played volleyball since third grade and has been programming for about a year. She’s in her school’s coding/robotics team, environmental science club, and NHS. Her favorite superhero is Captain America and she likes drinking a lot of coffee.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Groupon.