"Don't Drink and Drive, Let's Help Everyone Arrive Alive!"

Adilene T, Jackie O., Briana L., Eknoor K.

Drunk Smart is an app created by four young ladies who saw a need for a solution to prevent death and/or injury caused by drunk drivers. The app allows the user to easily obtain information on other means of transportation in the case they may have been drinking. Drunk Smart has a minimal and simplistic approach to how it is formatted to benefit the users whose decision making skills have been depressed due to alcohol.

Our group decided to have our final project address a very serious issue that injures and kills people every single day...drunk driving. The statistics show that every 2 in 3 people will be involved in a drunk driving related incident throughout their lifetimes. That’s the majority of people in this room. Look at the person to your right. Maybe that person will be affected by a drunk driving incident. Maybe they already have. Maybe they were simply walking on the street or driving to their destination. Maybe they were the intoxicated driver. It's a mistake that's easily preventable yet people continue to fall into it.

That is why we co-founded an app called DrunkSmart. Our mission is to provide easy and accessible tools to enable a drunk user to arrive home safely. We developed our app on Android Studio using Java. Essentially the user would create an account to store information such as their home phone number, home address, and contacts of their loved ones.

Initially, our first challenge was vacillating between wanting to create an app or a website. Although we wished to develop an app, none of us knew anything about producing an app and we would only have one week to learn a completely foreign programming language. As we discussed the features that we wanted to implement in our project, we discovered that we wanted to create something that is not only informative but also interactive and accessible to our users. We wanted to provide our users with modes of transportation, straightforward ways to call any one of their loved ones, and be able to assess their reaction time through a test. Ultimately, we decided to make an app and learn the language while developing. Originally, we had an optimistic mindset but soon our confidence began to slowly deteriorate. We all had trouble navigating through Android Studio, the platform we were using to create our app. We constantly found ourselves completely perplexed and having to start over on certain pages of our app. It took us days to be able to integrate the Google Maps API into our app because every time we attempted, it simply showed up as a fragment instead of an actual map. It took many long and strenuous hours to debug our app, whether it was fixing simple mistakes such as forgetting a semicolon or something major such as not having the buttons function properly. However, through hard work and patience we were able to work our way through all the code and completely debug it. The final obstacle our team is still facing and that we are trying to fix is that our app keeps crashing on the actual android phone. Through all of our frustrations, we all supported each other and tried to help one another out with any of the issues we were facing. Google was also our best friend throughout this whole process. We all kept in mind what our end goal was and that is what gave us the determination to successfully complete our app.

"This app has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of many people."

- Cari Himel (T.A.)

Four young ladies from across the Bay Area that came together to solve a problem that we believe is very important. We loved working together and hope to continue to grow and strengthen our bond in the future.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (San Francisco).