Dress to impress for every occasion.

Gauri B, Brooke R, Jesenia M

Dress to Impress is a website created for high school girls who struggle to find appropriate clothing for school and personal events. We provide clothing inspirations for various events like prom, semi-formal and college/job interview. The users can also see how appropriate their clothing is by matching the colors of their own outfits with the model's in the inspirations.

Searching for appropriate clothing can be a real struggle for some people. Dress to Impress is here to help!

Providing example outfits for each event in our website and matching it with user's clothing.

Designing our website was hard initially because we were trying to make look professional. After some rounds of prototypes and feedbacks we were able design a perfect look for our website. Figuring out the matching algorithm was very difficult. We eventually found an API for that.

I would really use your website!

Gauri: I’m a junior at Reading Memorial High School. I like history and English.

Brooke: I’m a rising senior at Weston High School.

Jesenia: I’m a rising junior in high school.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Akamai.