Shannon R, Eveline X, Erin Y

"Dr. Mend" is an interactive website that allows users to diagnose themselves with potential diseases, get helpful advice, and keep up with the most recent medical news. The symptom checker allows users to enter their age, gender, and symptoms to get a diagnosis. The Advice section gives users advice on many topics, from love to family. The News section updates everyday and has the most recent medical news.

Some people may think their symptoms are not worth seeing a doctor, so we wanted to build a website so they can predict if it is worth it to see a doctor.

We wanted to make a website where we could upload an image of the disease (bug bite, rash) and enter symptoms to get a diagnosis. However, this was unrealistic for our skill levels and time frame to create the project.

We experienced several challenges throughout this project. First, it was a challenge to find the API we needed and to get the API key from the developers. Also, it was hard for us to get the API to work since it required a lot of knowledge about coding.

We overcame the challenges by asking teachers for help, looking at other examples online, and working together as a team.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Metlife (NYC).