Katrina P., Makayla M., Anyssa C., and Victoria C.

DotBook is a one of a kind scheduling website dedicated to combating procrastination. This website endeavors to schedule all of the tasks that causes people to become stressed and unproductive in a neat and orderly fashion. It has the aspects of a calendar, bullet journal, notes app, agenda, planner, and reminder app.

An example of the homepage of the website
Example of the day view page

The various methods commonly used to combat the disorganization of events are alright, but have their limitations. Paper calendars typically don’t have enough space per day for displaying the entirety of a day’s activities and both digital and paper calendars aren’t engaging enough to make people want to keep writing in them. Reminder apps, while simple to use, tend to be a bit limited on what they can do. Bullet journals are interactive and customizable, but are expensive, supply and time-wise, and wastes a ton of paper.

Our solution to this problem is a schedule manager with the capabilities of a calendar, bullet journal, notes application, and alarm application. While individually each of these planning methods have their limits, together, they can create a new, efficient mode of organization. The versatility of the website allows it to keep track of all the things a person needs to remember each day while being simple to use and all in one place.

The Google sign in and calendar APIs were very difficult to accomplish because of the little knowledge we had in APIs and node.js. We were able to overcome these challenges with persistence and determination. At one point we almost gave up on the calendar API, but we decided to try it one more time and that's when it worked. While it still isn't fully implemented in the website, we were able to learn more about how APIs work and function.

" I think it's really efficient and I'd definitely would use it. " - Meena A.

Photo of our group

Hey everyone! We’re team MAVK, the creators of DotBook. We’re a group of junior and senior participants at the 2017 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at IBM Austin.

Like everyone else, we have problems with managing our time and remembering what needs to get done. As a result, we decided to create DotBook, a minimalist website that can help people get organized in a neat fashion.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at IBM (Austin).