Fun and interactive way to donate!

Disha S, Olivia F, Ashlyn J, Elise B, Delilah B

We have highlighted the 5 main themes of charity: Animal Welfare, Education Reform, Environmental Needs, Health, and Hunger. Our games correspond to those five main charity elements and promotes the gathering of items that you can donate. We provide the user with a game and then we give them a link where they can donate.

The problem we are trying to solve is to educate users about our cause, raising donations to organizations which support this cause, and educating users about the diverse ways to help those in need.

We are planning to solve this problem by encouraging people to view donating from a different perspective. We want people to be more inclined to donate and give back to their members of society that are in need of clothes, food, access to better healthcare and education - and also about helping the environment. Users are given the opportunity to help out in causes that they are either passionate about, or not previously familiar with. Our website helps raise awareness in a fun and interesting way through our mini-games and various links to sites for people to explore more about these topics. By providing a platform for donating to various causes, we are providing users with a single place to come learn about new causes and topics, thereby eliminating the hardship of searching for organizations to donate to.

We had many challenges while making our game. Our first challenge was converting our scrolling background code from Python to JavaScript. Converting the syntax was difficult, so we found open source code. The next challenge we faced was trying to edit the open source code. Since the open source code was in EaselJS, and none of our group members had a lot of experience in JavaScript, we had difficulty understanding the code and the correct syntax. However, we researched JavaScript libraries and overcame these challenges to successfully code our games.

Disha, Olivia, Ashlyn, Elise, and Delilah are rising high school juniors. They all got involved with Girls Who Code in different ways – some of them had joined the GWC club at their schools, while others indecently applied to the Summer Immersion Program. Some of their interests include: traveling, social justice, eating new foods, spending time with friends and family. They have all fostered an interest in computer science through their involvement with Girls who Code.



This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (San Francisco).