Anna J, Dreammer J, Layla H

Doggo! is a robot dog that teaches responsibility and gives you a companion. He is designed for people who are allergic to pets, don’t have enough time for dogs, or aren’t sure they can handle a pet yet. The dog's features include: lights that indicate his mood (green for happy, blue for sad, pink for angry), touch sensitive whiskers that trigger movement, a speaker that allows him to sing, and a microphone for user input.

A lot of people adopt dogs before they are ready, which causes a lot of dogs to end up in shelters. Another problem that our product addresses is loneliness.

Doggo! gives people a chance to see if they are ready for the responsibility that a pet brings. He is also a companion for people who are unable to have real dogs. We address these problems by creating a fun and interactive dog toy.

One technical difficulty we faced was with faulty equipment. We had several batteries that were bad and initially did not have access to a microphone. However, we were able to purchase new batteries and a microphone, which mitigated these issues.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Turner ATL.