Learn the rots and wrongs of composting.

Alison L, Cassie N

Do the Rot Thing is an engaging, all-in-one source to learn about composting. The website includes information about why composting is important and has a step-by-step guide for making backyard compost piles. The game is an interactive way to learn about compostable and non-compostable items.

Despite the many benefits of composting, many states in the U.S. do not actively administer or encourage composting. Backyard piles are a good alternative to the lack of public compost bins, but many do not know how to start one. Composting seems difficult and complicated, and people do not want to spend the time to look into it.

We made an engaging, all-in-one, concise source for information about composting, including what to compost, the benefits of composting, and how to start a personal compost pile.

We had difficulty trying to make the website look exactly the way we wanted. We didn't know where to start with the game for a bit since we have little experience.

"I legit learned that you can compost non-toxic glue."

Alison loves fake DJ-ing and sandals, hates wasabi. She joined GWC to explore her interests and solidify her career goals.

Cassie is an avid amateur skateboarder and sneaker enthusiast. She joined GWC to get out of her comfort zone and experience the tech world.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (San Francisco).