Rayene A, Erin M, Angela H, Lucia O

Dear Parents is a social platform in which teenagers can give advice to parents. We feel like there is a lack of communication between parents and teenagers. Parents often times need help understanding us teens; so we're here to help. Our website is unique because all of the advice is from a teenager's perspective, whereas most parenting sites are from other parents' points of view.

We believe that it is hard for parents to understand the teenage mind. With new technology and new types of stress, adults often don’t understand the problems that teenagers face from day-to-day. It has become harder and harder for parents to understand our generation, making it more difficult to communicate between teenagers and parents. We created "Dear Parents" to provide a website devoted to connecting teenagers and parents from a teenager's perspective.

"Dear Parents" allows teenagers to give advice or comment on different subjects they wish their parents could better understand. The website allows parents to see the viewpoint of a teen in the 21st Century. Our website helps parents understand the teenage perspective of life as a safe platform for teens to talk to their parents on a personal level. Modern technology has created new and different types of stress for teens and it is important for parents to be aware and understand -- and who better to hear from than teens themselves?

The hardest thing for our group was the CSS file. It was difficult to make sure that the images and text aligned with each other. For example, getting the About Us page to look nice was difficult. We wanted to create a page where, when the user’s mouse is over a picture, our bio would lay over the original photo, but we also wanted to format the picture so that they were in a 2X2 grid. We couldn’t get both to work at the same time, so we ended up having to compromise and leave it as it is now, which doesn’t include either of the ideas.

Another challenge was creating the parallax scrolling effect on the Homepage and About Us pages. This took us almost an entire day to figure out.

Four Bay Area girls; one idea.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Sephora.