"Explore your hair type, Learn what works for your hair, and Embrace your curls"

Janell T, Nina S, Jerrika M, Kayla S, Jasmine P

Our project is a website that is centered around having natural hair. It offers hair guidance and support for girls that may be having difficulties with their hair. Our website encourages girls to embrace their natural curls by allows users to interact with the website through their personalized profiles. Our website is different from the others in that it offers the users and option to use their personal inputs to make the website work in their favor.

A study by TextureMedia, Inc. revealed that annually, curly haired women spend about $350 a year on their hair products, using four or more hair products every day. This study also showed that women with curly hair spend more money caring for their hair than women with short hair. As of 2013, reports show that 51% of women are willing to spend more money on hair care to achieve that best results.

Problem: The overall problem is that there is a constant sense of trial and error when you have natural hair and a great deal of wasted dollars that come along with these trials as well.
There are wide range of sources of frustration for when you have finally decided to embrace your natural curls from:
- hair envy(when you’re not satisfied with your hair and compare your hair to others)
- frizz, breakage
- low levels of moisturization (dryness)
- finding a hair regimen, dealing with shrinkage
- finding the right hair products just to name a few.

Our audience is aimed towards those of us girls with hair types that range from 3A to 4C in search of guidance for their hair. We solved the problem by creating a website that allows the users with these hair types to have a personalized profile by simply taking a survey. The answers the users give have a direct correlation to the information displayed on the profile. The profile helps users find their hair type, gives information about the particular individuals hair type, recommends products accordingly and allows users to rate each product recommended upon usage.

We faced technical problems of not being able to get some functions to work how they normally would on a website with a domain such as login and logout functionalities. There were also issues getting the profile to update based on user input and also to show different information when different users sign in because the website currently lacks the necessary back-end properties that would make this all possible. There were also problems with creating a google maps API and with linking the contact form to an actual email. There was also a problem in regards to getting the radio buttons for our rating function to display images which took a while to figure out, and now that it works there is a problem of getting the profiles to remember the ratings chosen.

"Explore. Learn. Embrace!"
"I love the design of the website!"
"I love the idea!"
"This is a billion dollar idea"
"You should definitely continue working on this after the program"
"The natural hair industry could definitely use an app like this"
"We're all queens defined in our curls"

We all met during the Summer of 2016 at the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program just as many of the other girls posting their final projects. While spending the summer together we all realized that we were all passionate about natural hair. Each of us has a head full of beautiful curls and combined with the passion towards embracing our natural hair, our final project came into existence. Combined, we have accumulated around 37 years of experience with natural hair and this number will continue to grow. We’re known for being the group that’s always joking around and being silly and are often some of the loudest in the room. Our group is one full of personality and laughter which has made our summer together all the more enjoyable. Each of us also learned our hair type through this experience with researching all of the different information that pertains to natural hair and we also informed other people of theirs if they wanted to know.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Atlanta).