Meet your Metus

Anita O, Kathryn W, Melissa H

An app that makes solutions to anxiety accessible and teaches young people healthy habits (through food, exercise, writing, meditation, and more) to deal with it on an every day basis. It sets small, achievable goals for the user to complete in real life in order to center themselves and decompress during a time of high stress.

Teenagers are under a lot of pressure in their everyday lives, which leads to high rates of anxiety and its related issues. Therapy or related solutions aren't accessible every single time someone experiences a bout of anxiety.

Our aim is to bring anxiety relief to users in the form of an adorable creature, "Metus," that represents your worries. By interacting with the app on your mobile device and in real life, users decrease the stress level of their "Metus" and themselves.

Having the stress bar function and linking it to the Metus with the right expression for that stress level. After that, saving that information so the stress bar and the Metus displayed the same way between pages. With enough JavaScript, debugging, and experimenting, we solved it and we're very proud!

Let Metus help you stay Calm Under Real Anxiety (CURA)

Kathryn is a rising senior and resident “make it pretty” person who hopes to attend art school and later combine her appreciation for CS with her art skills in fields like animation and game design. Anita is a rising Senior at her High School. Melissa is a rising Junior at her High School

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #2).