Eliminate stereotypes, and promote cultural awareness

Kavita S, Kiara C, Aoife M, Adoma M.

This project ultimately aims to inform people about different cultures through games and information pages about each individual culture presented. In doing so, the goal of promoting cultures and eliminating stigmas associated with them is accomplished. There is a main homepage, linking to each culture's game as well as the culture's information.

Recently, there has been a massive amount of controversy revolving around certain ethnic groups, and this controversy stems from a lack of knowledge regarding cultures.

We are hoping to inform users about different cultures and educate them about the importance of diversity and the damaging effect that stereotypes and stigmas have on society.

A technical problem we faced was being able to get the games working, and working with JavaScript. To combat this, we conducted intensive research and consulted a variety of resources to get started.

Our team consists of 4 girls that are from diverse backgrounds, however we all managed to collaborate effectively despite these differences. We all agreed that culture is a very neglected topic today, and it demands attention given controversial events that have happened recently.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).