Connecting people, no matter what their culture.

Kelly H, Jacqueline C, Katherine S, Anjou S, Lauren R

Culture Compass is a website featuring an interactive map of the world. The user may select a country from which they want to learn the culture. When a country is clicked, a box pops up with information on the culture, customs, and etiquette for the country selected. Through this website, we hope to educate people on world cultures in order to become more connected.

In an ever-expanding age of technology, we find it surprising that such an interconnected world still remains divided. With numerous amounts of countries comes numerous amounts of culture- most of which remains unknown to foreigners.

Our mission is to provide information about different cultures and customs across the world. Culture Compass equips users with the knowledge that allows them to be aware of the cultures around the globe, and therefore be able to connect with people no matter what their background.

We wanted our website to be interactive in order to be more user friendly. Therefore, we created an interactive map that allows the user to click on the desired country. By doing this, the information is organized and accessible.

"This would be useful for a global company. I would use this tomorrow!" - Ashley Cabrera, Project Manager at Citrix

Anjou S. – Editor, researcher

Jacqueline C. – Designer, debugger

Katherine S. – Artist, researcher

Kelly H. – Code writer

Lauren R. – Researcher

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - FIU.