Cultural Exploration

Cultural Exploration

Katherine G, Ella B, Kaitlyn L, Camryn T

This is a website about different cultures around the world. It discusses cultural appropriation vs appreciation, food, holidays, etiquette, and more. We are adding a chatroom that creates a safe space for users to ask and answer any questions that they may have relating to culture.

Now, especially with new trends in fashion and art, cultures have been stripped of their traditional meanings and purpose when people use pieces of a culture without having respect or knowledge for it.

We are addressing it by creating a website that allows people to learn about many cultures, so they will know how to respectfully appreciate it.

Making our map page interactive for the user was a problem we faced because the features we wanted to use and create were not on our level. However, we overcame it by not becoming discouraged and searching for more solutions.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .