Saving the Earth one challenge at a time.

Alejandra R, Kathie R, Lilian D, Carolyn C, Susan F

This project is an interactive website that displays a 31-day challenge that encourages participants to do a small challenge every day to promote good, environmentally-friendly habits. In addition to the challenge we also included information on climate change, tips to be more environmentally conscious, a newsletter to subscribe to in order to participate in the challenge, and a list of organizations that can be donated to in order to positively impact our planet.

Human activity has caused negative effects on the environment that have lead to climate change.

We created a website with a 31-day challenge to positively impact the environment through small daily activities that anyone can do.

The calendar, even though it was the main part of the website, was the hardest part to code and we had to do a lot of research in order to learn how to do it, but we were satisfied with the end result.

"A project like this successfully encourages me to be more environmentally friendly." - Sara Salloum

We are four high school students that decided to work on an environmentally conscious project that could make a positive impact on our surroundings.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - FIU.