Raise donations for homeless women struggling with maintaining their menstrual cycle.

Aruzhan, Caroline B, Melissa N, Laura N

Our website includes a series of games and statistics about menstrual cycles and our goal to help homeless women. Our goal is to help deliver feminine sanitary products to homeless women all around Boston and eventually move to the surrounding areas. Our games have a point system, and the amount of points you get from the games will help give pads and other feminine care products to women all around Boston. We are hoping to partner with Always and Tampax in the future!

The problem is homeless women without the money or ability to keep up with feminine hygiene.

We are raising monetary donations to purchase feminine sanitary products for these women.

We had trouble creating the games and making the scoring system work correctly. It took a few hours to debug and make sure everything was in place and working perfectly.

We are four girls who met through the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Akamai. We were inspired to create change for homeless women after watching various YouTube videos that documented their everyday struggle with feminine hygiene.

Through a series of interactive menstruation-related games, “Cotton” raises awareness of how something so universal affects a group that is commonly ignored. Users themselves can make an impact in their community, while also educating themselves of the importance of feminine hygiene.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Akamai.