Immigrants: Seek Help, Give Help, Share Your Story

Urvashi M., Kajal P., Agueda U., Sammantha A.

Our website is an online community for immigrants. The name Consonance means agreement or compatibility between opinions or actions. The inspiration for our logo comes from our aim to connect users together just like stars in a constellation. The core values of our mission describe that all people should be able to give support to one another and get help in times of need. We have a social platform where users can connect and also feature resources through our resources page.

Many immigrants come to the United States alone and with many unanswered questions. It is difficult for them to transition into a new environment and culture because the answers are scattered across the internet or difficult to find. It is important for Immigrants to have a good support system to transition into a new country.

We created Consonance, an online community that immigrants can always turn to for support. Users can post stories anonymously or with their name. These stories can be commented on and people can receive or give advice through this page. Our website also informs users of educational and health-related opportunities as well as legal advice through our resources page. This page is updated regularly to feature scholarships, health programs and many other opportunities relevant to the audience of our website.

The four of us only knew the basic skills of the programming required to create a website. Therefore, we had to seek a lot of help from our mentors and do some self-learning from w3schools to construct our website the way we wanted.

"I love how any immigrant with questions can turn to this website for help!" - Lauren K.

We are all first generation in the US and we are ambitious about raising a voice for minorities. Since many immigrants do not have access to a supportive community, we found it incredibly important to create Consonance. We are all upperclassmen in high school with a passion for promoting social justice through the use of technology.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).