Let us give you a compliment

Chaiya H., Mya B., Breyona B., Keyona B., Kiana T., Ayodele A., Evan M., Taqwa A., Daniel O., Jacqueline L.

Our project was on compliments. We started with researching from videos about compliments and created games/tasks that give you compliments, added quizzes and ways to accept compliments. Our site serves up random compliments. We also included the Valentine animation we created (because Valentines are compliments!).

Compliments Website
Scratch Valentine
Scratch Thank You Animation

We wanted to help people feel better about themselves and learn to accept compliments.

Our website serves compliments, gives you easy ways to earn more, and shows you how to accept them.

We struggled to create some of the technical aspects to our "easy" games. We overcame it by working together as a team and sharing our ideas to solve the problems until they worked!

We’re a club of mostly 6th & 7th grade girls that met weekly for 12 weeks at Lakewood Public Library in Ohio.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Lakewood Public Library.