Raising awareness to health and wellness in the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Sabrina R, Ashna B, Mamalee M, Audrey V, Emaan H

We, as a team, are passionate about the wellness of the people who roam this earth. It is not often that we stop to think about our own well-being, since we always worry about our day-to-day responsibilities. This website was created to raise awareness to the Mind, Body, and Soul in ways you may not have thought of before.

"Complete" will open your eyes to the world of conversation and humor, strength and wellness through exercise, health by knowledge of vaccines, and the spiritual experience that makes music so powerful. We hope you find clarity and happiness through the experience we have created.

As teenagers, it is very easy to forget the importance of our own health and well-being. We wanted to created a platform that will help raise awareness to sources of the solutions.

This website was created to bring awareness to the Mind, Body, and Soul.

We faced multiple problems syncing all of our individual code together to create the whole website. But, with communicating with each other, we were able to solve the issue.

"I like the rain on the welcome page."

Sabrina is a rising senior who loves playing any musical instrument. She plays piano, violin, ukulele, and loves to sing. Not only does she enjoy music, but she is equally passionate about the STEM fields. Sabrina plans to pursue a career as a Naval officer involved in Cyber Operations.
Ashna is a rising junior who loves to run, sing, and code! In her free time, she plays her acoustic guitar or watches movies with her friends. In the future, she wants to become a Graphic Designer.
Audrey is a rising junior who enjoys coding and being a techie for school plays.
Mamalee is a rising senior. She is the captain of her softball team and is very passionate about STEM, music, and sports. In the future, Mamalee wants to pursue a career in the medical field and incorporate technology more by creating something extraordinary.
Emaan is a rising senior and wants to pursue a career in engineering. She is a soccer player and loves to explore and learn new things.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Software.org - The BSA Foundation.