Syn A, Gladys A, Taralyn B, Amelie G, Sophia H, Hannah L, Emily S

Our iOS app is called CommunityHand. It educates and encourages members of the community to help one another, with everything from Farmers Market information and clothing donation spots, to randomized good deed recommendations, where users can earn points.

Features include a calendar, leaderboard, map, and a "store" where your good deeds can be traded for flowers to grow your own personal garden!

We wanted to build a tool to educate and encourage members of the community to help one another in positive ways.

We created an iOS app called "CommunityHand" to spread awareness about how we can better our society.

The tool we used (Thunkable) was designed for Android; however everyone owned iPhones. To design an iOS app in Thunkable, we had to find a LOT of creative workarounds and develop a higher understanding of the logic we wanted the software to execute.

Other tricky spots:
- implementing randomness to generate good deed recommendations
- linking databases
- formatting

Also, Thunkable does not feature copy+paste capability, or an easy way to combine pages into a single project (what?!), so we had to do a TON of manual copying.

"Can we get some more candy??"
-Everyone, every 10 minutes

Seven talented and super smart 6th-9th graders from schools across Fairfax County got together every Monday night for 10 weeks to research, design, code, and publish an iOS app that helps locals of all ages contribute to their community.

Thank you to our Facilitators: Raven H, Annabel M, and Sharon W

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Martha Washington Library in Fairfax County, Virginia..