Use communiMe to help the community

Vikeilia P, Chyna H, Atah O, D'Anny C

CommuniMe allows teens to turn community service into a manageable. For example, teens can search for community service opportunities, a calendar to keep track of events, and a total hours page that allows users to input all of their hours and the computer will calculate the total.

Teens have a hard time finding service opportunities and keeping track of community service they have completed.

We addressed the problem by creating a web app that had a calendar to keep track of future events, a search page to find service opportunities, and a total hours page to keep track of total hours.

The technical problems were implementing the calendar API. We were able to overcome this by watching YouTube videos. Another issue was using JavaScript elements to calculate the total hours. Another issue was creating a drop down in the search page. We overcame the issue by doing W3Schools tutorials. Finally, a last issue was merging all of our files together because we each changed the website in different ways. The issue was solved by each ember focusing on one part of the webpage and not changing a webpage at the same time.

"Since I'm involved in the Student Government Association of my school, I find it very difficult to keep track of my community service hours and spread the word on community service events around my area. Through this app, everything is in one place and a network is created for all high school students to give back to the community." -Arushi

Vikeilia, Chyna, D’Anny, and Atah are all upperclassmen in high school. They all live in the Atlanta area and met in the GE Girls Who Code program. They are all very passionate about community service and bonded over the issue of not being able to find community service opportunities for themselves and keeping track of community service. Because of the passion of all of the members for community service they created the web app CommuniMe.┬áVikeilia, Chyna, D’Anny, and Atah hope to continue their passion for other teens to be involved in the community to make it better!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Atlanta).