Kyra P, Jennah S, Brianna R, Venessa O

Our project is a website called "Colorism and AI Bias". These are two issues that will continue to impact our society as technology takes on a larger role. We thought that it was important to raise awareness to these issues because change can't happen if people don't know what needs to be fixed.

We are addressing the problem of colorism and AI bias in the technology world. The root of this problem is a lack of representation diversity in test groups.

We addressed these issues by raising awareness to them. We defined any confusing terms and provided videos explaining complex concepts. We also provided a link to the website of an organization that focuses on the same issues.

One problem that we came across was formatting our page. We didn't want to have intimidating blocks of text, so we broke up the information with pictures and videos.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Prudential.