Preparing for College

Zoey M, Aditi K, Christina B

"College Bound" is a website aimed towards college preparation, as well as a source of communication with college alumni. Using this site, students can make sure they are ready for all of the challenges they are expecting to face. From financial management to creating a sense of community, "College Bound" strives to provide it all.

The sheer amount of resources and information can be overwhelming when it comes to college. The risks are higher, the costs are greater, and one wrong decision can lead to years of debt.

Our website, "College Bound", consolidates all the resources necessary for the best college experience possible. Financial aid, scholarships, study resources, and chat rooms are featured here to ensure just that.

Some challenges we faced along the way were combining the CSS part of our code, adding drop down buttons, a navigation bar across all pages of the website, and a functioning chat room. We overcame this issue by working together, organizing our work, and receiving help from our TA when necessary.

We are all incoming juniors who have developed an interest in Computer Science after 7 weeks of Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program. Zoey is a junior at MSD High School, loves reading, and is extremely DECA-cated! Aditi is a WBHS junior, Bharatanatyam dancer, and eager participant at Girls Who Code. Christina is a junior at Design and Architecture Senior High.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GWC FIU Miami.