Elena, Abby, Maile

Club Connect is a web application that works to help high schoolers find clubs in their school easily and stress-free. Our simple interface makes it easy to access all the information one would need to feel comfortable attending a first meeting.

orange words on a blue background: "pick your school and find out what clubs it has" below are striped boxes, each with the name of a high school
white text on blue background: "lincoln hs" below are striped boxes, each with the name of a club

As we are entering our 3rd and 4th years of high school, we have noticed how hard it is to find and connect with clubs at our schools. We have found that some school websites have a list of clubs and possibly teacher contacts, but there is no easy way to find other information about the student leaders, meetings, events, etc. This makes it more difficult to find a community at school where you feel like you belong.

With Club Connect, high school students can easily find the different clubs available at their school and the important information regarding those clubs in one website. This way there is less struggle and anxiety in trying to join groups and make friends at school.

We had some difficulty working with Django and PythonAnywhere, as well as figuring out how best to dynamically display data. However, it all worked out in the end after some Google-ing and outside help. Special thanks to our instructor Kayla and TAs Jorden and Mira for dealing with all our questions and bugs!

Maile, Abby, and Elena are all high school girls who wanted to learn more about computer science through Girls Who Code. They are all from the Seattle area and have lived here for most of their lives. In their project, they wanted to make something that every high school student could use to become a bigger part of their school community.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (Seattle).