It'll be a BREEZE to get dressed!

Ajala H, Selena K, Linda B, Priyanka P, & Shamia W

We made Climate Closet because we thought it was an everyday, realistic problem that would both be fun and challenging. This project was intended to connected to your specific region's weather through an API that categorizes clothes that you upload or take pictures of from your closet. When you wake up in the morning, if it is breezy...there are outfits ready made, if it is sunny...there are outfits ready made, if it is snowy...there are outfits ready made (and anything else) It additionally includes a database that saves your info so you can both sign in and sign up. It relieves so much stress and saves so much time. :) Enjoy! 

The problem is people both don't know what to wear or take a very long time deciding and are also unprepared for the day's weather.

This project takes into account the ever changing weather in your region (especially Georgia) and gives you exact options so that you are fully prepared.

A technical problem was merging all of our pages that we individually coded. It was difficult when it came to all of our different styles but we overcame it by taking the time to organize everything (making sure everything had it's own id to avoid confusion for the computer, double checking links, etc.)

"Climate Closet is a revolutionary idea to an everyday problem that everyone faces." -Nicole Diaz

We are P.A.L.M.S Industries and we had a great idea for an website/application that would help people without a sense of fashion help their mornings go easier. P.A.L.M.S stands for our group members: Priyanka Patil, Ajala Horne, Linda Bell, Mia (a.k.a Shamia) Ware, and Selena Kleber.

Ajala Horne:

My name is Ajala Horne and I will be a senior in the fall at Westlake High School here in Atlanta. I joined Climate Closet because I am one of the people who want an easier morning. I do have a sense of fashion, but it takes 12 outfit changes to get to my perfect outfit. I want this app to not only help me but others like me.

Selena Kleber:

I am Selena Kleber. I’m 16 years old and I live in Atlanta, GA. I joined in on this Climate Closet project because I thought it would be both fun and a challenge. I wanted to do something that combined all the skills I learned thus far (e.g. javascript, html, web setup) The idea also interested me straight off the bat because weather is always a hassle to figure out and if it’s linked to your daily clothing than all the better. 🙂

Linda Bell:

I am Linda Bell and I attend KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School. I am sixteen years old and I live in Atlanta Georgia. I joined this project because I liked the idea of making a app dedicated to fashion.I am Linda Bell and I attend KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School. Fun fact I only like dogs and stuffed bears and in the future I want to open my own medical practice.

Shamia Ware (Mia):

I’m Shamia, I’m 16 years old, and I live in Loganville, GA. I joined this project because I wanted to make something that would help people with a problem that everyone has. I love looking at clothes and putting outfits together, so I liked working on this project because it combined all my interests.

Priyanka Patil:

My name is Priyanka Patil. I joined this project because I thought that the idea was innovative and interesting. I am a rising senior at the Kennesaw Mountain High School Magnet program. I am 16 years old and I live in the lovely town of Kennesaw, GA.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture ATL.