Get out there. Get a ClearView.

Oluwadamilola O, Meriem B, Erika J, Jessica B and Brianna H

With the combined efforts of our brilliant team, we have created ClearView, a website to aid in the journey to understand more about space. We designed ClearView to allow stargazers and space enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels to have access to all things space in a simple, comprehensive website that aims to make learning about space easier. Our ultimate goal is to educate the general population to make space seem more approachable and less intimidating.

Information regarding astronomy can be intimidating to new hobbyists. The information is scattered between several websites and the information can be confusing and too in-depth for beginners. Also, when people find information on space events, they are often in the dark on whether or not the event is even visible from their location.

From tracking current events such as the Juno mission or the Perseid meteor shower in a comprehensive calendar, to a map that locates various dark spots and places with minimal light pollution across the country, we hope to provide users with the tools for an optimal (as well as informative) viewing experience.

Our website had over 4,000 lines of code so our most prominent issue was syntax errors and bugs that were in our code. Trying to find the error within our code was really tough; the way that we found to find the bugs that worked for us was to switch computers. By doing this we were able to get a fresh perspective on the code and were able to fix the errors.

Meriem B is a senior who has not only pursued her interests in gymnastics and theatre but has also excelled in school as both a part of the NHS and as a hardworking and perseverent student.  After graduating from her high school in 2017, Meriem plans to attend college and continue work in the computer science field.  Meriem is part of the code team for ClearView and worked tirelessly and with an immense amount of effort to create the website viewed here.


Oluwadamilola O is a senior. During her leisure time, Dami loves to cook and dance, and she is apart of the bowling team at her school. Her favorite subject is chemistry and she plans on pursuing a major in biochemistry after her 2017 graduation from high school. She is also interested in joining various organizations that strongly fight against early child marriages as well as support girls education around the world. In the future, Dami hopes to work in a pharmaceutical company or lab.


Jessica C is a senior. Her extracurriculars involve organizations and clubs that help protect the environment, and she was on the bowling team at her high school for two years.  Jessica is a respectful and tenacious individual, and was additionally a part of a leadership program for five years.  After graduating college with a major in engineering, she plans on continuing a career in architecture and to possibly hold an occupation with Disney.


Erika J is a junior who is focused on her academics, but is also very involved in her school. She is in many clubs and activities including Science Olympiad, German Club, and Soccer. Erika is eager to continue her studies after graduation 2018. She is undecided on what she want to major in but plans to go into STEAM or history. Erika has put in an immense amount of work into coding the ClearView Website. She is an open-minded, eccentric, and ambitious, young coder who wishes to one day achieve world domination.

Briannah is a junior who has a passion for drawing, and is president of the anime club at her high school.  Briannah is a talented artist and programmer and looks forwards to a future in game design.  After her 2018 high school graduation she hopes to attend college and major in computer science.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture CHI.