Information of senators, interactive map, learn how to vote in your state.

Rachel H, Angela H, Nancy C, Kelly T, Jess R

Civitas is a site meant to provide simple unbiased information about leaders in our government. On our website we have profiles of senators that include the key issues they believe in, their contact information, biographical information, and party affiliation. We also have an interactive map and pages that teach people how to vote based on their state. It is very important to us that citizens know who they are voting for and who formulates the future of their state.

The problem is that most people in the US are uninformed about the inner workings of their government. Many know little to nothing about who they elected to make their laws or about perspective candidates for the position.

Civitas addresses the difficult wording of government websites that often leave people confused and tired. Civitas uses information directly from senators websites, but it is written in an easy to read way. This is meant to make information on representatives accessible to every person. To also get people involved our "Register to Vote" page teaches a person how they can vote in their state.

One of the most difficult of these challenges was implementing our idea of the interactive map. We tried several templates and different types of code, but none of them functioned as we wanted. Eventually we landed on the map we have today. Another difficult challenge was the sheer amount of research that came along with the project, with one hundred different senators each with different priorities and stances on each issue, it became difficult to provide all of the required information for each state. To solve this issue we decided to narrow down the number of states that we focused on.

"Before the 2016 election I was very confused about all the senators and who to vote for, but with this website, I can now understand the people who represent me." -Yara Akiki

Our group is named Civitas meaning “citizen” in Latin. We believe that it is important that people have at least the basic understanding of who represents them within the government. We hope that our website will be a catalyst for citizen involvement in our country.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (Bay Area).