Scroll through cities, combatting your boredom.

Mihira P., Anjali K., Alisha L.

Our website, City Scroller, lets people choose activities and places to go from eight different categories in their area. These categories include, food, outdoor activities, and shopping. In addition, we have "surprise me" function which generates a random place to go. Our project was designed to help teenagers, who are often very indecisive.

All around the Bay Area, there are many places to go eat, engage in activities, shop, or explore nature. However, when it comes to teens making plans with their friends, it seems as if there is no where to go. This problem of lack of knowledge and intense boredom over summer is one that specifically affects teenagers. Nevertheless, even if there is somewhere to go, price is often an issue. Overall, this is a problem that needs to be addressed and solved.

To solve this problem, we created a website to tackle this issue of boredom through a variety of places to eat, exercise, and explore with friends. Based on the price of each place, we have listed the overall price range for each business on a scale of 1-4 dollar signs that can be found in the descriptions so that teens can visit places according to their price. In addition, we have included numerous maps with the locations mapped out so that users can choose a location close to their home. As an added bonus, we implemented a “surprise me!” function that randomly generates a place to go. Lastly, users can input other locations that we can add onto our website in the future.

We had difficulty figuring out how to use Javascript to generate and random location. Once we looked up the documentation and figured out how to do it, another problem we had was figuring out how to style the Javascript. Once we figured out the correct syntax, we were made to style the Javascript.

"I'm going to use this website all the time!" -Manasi Maheshwari

Mihira, Anjali, and Alisha created City Scroller to combat boredom. They took their love of web design and development to create this website, which can be used by anyone.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Workday.