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Lily J & Seran K

"Cinema Scoop" is a movie review website that addresses and analyzes the messages in films. Our website allows users to share their thoughts and have interesting dialogues on the content of posts.

Due to new technology in cinematography, there is a constant influx of movies every month. The modern day film watcher sees more movies for their entertainment face value, but fails to see the deeper meaning behind them.

We want to share our passion for movies and incite thoughtful conversation through reviews and analysis. "Cinema Scope" delineates hidden messages within movies and makes them clear for users, allowing them to continue an interesting discourse through comments on the website or with family and friends in their own lives.

A technical problem that we faced was saving the data gathered from the user for comments and number of likes for each post. With the help of our teacher and TA's, and a lot of research, we were able to create a function in our JavaScript files that used JSON data to store the user input locally.

Lily is a rising high school senior at Notre Dame San Jose, and Seran is a rising junior at Fremont High School.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).