Chore Assignments

Randomly Assign Household Chores

Kadee R., Kenzie L.

This project accepts names and household chores. Then it randomly assigns a chore to each name. The user enters names and chores for each of two age groups. The age groups are: 3-12, and age 13 and up.

Project can be found here:

The problem is how do we decide who does the household chores?

Our program will accept names and chores, and then randomly assign a chore to each name.

One problem we faced was having enough time to complete all phases of the project. We overcame it by breaking the project into separate modules and having pairs work on it. We also used pair programming to finish up the project.

It is very useful.

Kadee and Kenzie completed their project for their first year in the Girls Who Code Club in Dalton Georgia.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at DaltonWhitfield County Library (Northwest Georgia Regional Library System).