Interactive ebooks that make reading fun for kids.

Paige, Siené, Faith, Miya, Lauren, Laura, Jelanie

We designed four ebooks for children. Three of the ebooks have stories and poetry written by us. We used Creative Commons illustrations, and we created animations for the stories using Codesters (Python) and Khan Academy (Javascript). We used Wordpress to create the website.

The Coolest Kid in the World Diary ebook
Henry and Grace ebook

It's important for kids to learn to read but sometimes they get bored and don't want to try very hard. When kids don't learn to read well, they can't get good grades and will find it harder to get into college.

We want to make reading fun! So we created these interactive ebooks with animated flip pages and illustrations. We also created interactive animations to illustrate some of the pages in the ebooks. We hope the animations keep kids interested in order to read a lot more.

The hard part was getting the Codesters animations to fit on the ebook pages. We had to figure out the size needed and how to shrink it down with CSS styling. We had to try lots of style commands to get it to work. Nevertheless, once we did it for the first animation, it was easy to use the same style on the other animations.

I read 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' and 'The Coolest Kid in the World Diary'. It was funny to watch Scotty bounce into the table. And I like the poem, 'Cleaning My Room'. I wish I had a magic broom like that to clean my room! - Janicia L.

We are middle and high school girls from the Tidewater area of Virginia. Some of us are in military families and have traveled a lot. We all have different backgrounds and interests, but we all love to read and want to make reading more fun for kids.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Norfolk Slover Library.