Mary C., Camerial W., Diana P., Asiah S.

We created Chi-Favs to help teens figure out where they would like to hang out around Chicago. We mainly focused on neighborhoods in the city and included a budget and attractions feature to help narrow down teens options. We hope that Teens will enjoy this website!

Teens in the city commonly don't know where to hang out that is budget friendly and near their neighborhood. Further, we noticed that the south and west sides of Chicago specifically don't receive attention for their vibrant culture.

We are addressing this problem by creating a website for places to hangout around Chicago near the west and south sides. We want people to get a better view of Chicago other than the Downtown area.

We were unfamiliar with the Google Maps API and were initially intimidated by how to go about implementing the interactive map into our website. However, we followed online tutorials and reviewed sample codes in order to familiarize ourselves with the syntax.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at UIC - Ada Lovelace.