"Mobile page where you create, favorite, and share recipes, as well as donate food!"

Nicole N., Kathy Y., Caroline P., Hafssa H., Sydne J.

We are Chew Story! Our main mission is to create a website where people can easily share recipes! Recipes are created with simple ingredients, ranging from 2 to 10, that are convenient to find and purchase at local grocery stores.Also, we included a donate page that encourages people to donate food to nearby food banks using a Google map, in order to help the hungry.

Sample Results Page

The problem we are addressing is hunger and affordability.

The problem we addressed was two fold. First we realized that younger people have less money, equipment, and time on their hands to cook complex meals.Therefore, our mission is to help people find simple yet creative recipes that take less than 45 minutes to prepare, with few ingredients that are affordable. Also, we realized that people, especially Americans, waste a lot of food. Instead of dumping extra food, we wanted to have an option to donate to local food banks and inspire people to be more aware of our society’s hunger issue.

A technical problem we faced was time. We were constantly worried we were not going to finish. We overcame this problem by dividing work equally and diligently communicating.

"Wow, it looks on-point!"

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Autodesk.