A casual website for girls

Soowan P, Lucy T, Katie T, Viktoriya K

A website for girls to build community through personal discussions in a safe forum.

We haven’t seen any private spaces online for girls only. Girls need to share things they go through that boys generally don’t experience or experience differently. Furthermore, we have seen the need for more women in the male-dominated tech industry; as a result, it is important for girls to have a safe space that supports and empowers them.

We made a casual website that is just for girls where they can chat and, if needed, rant about anything they go through that only girls can relate to. Also, they can get help or advice from other girls who have gone through the same thing and connect with other girls around the world. Any girl can share anything they want freely and get support from others.

Even though we had detailed plans for creating our website, the lack of time and experience in the topic prevented us from developing all of the features we wanted. Many of our difficulties were centered around our chat room as we did not know how to make a public space where girls can discuss different topics using voice messages, images, and text. We also had challenges in figuring out how to start the code for different large scale features, such as the user database and forums. To begin countering our challenges, we set aside features that were not part of our minimum viable product. Afterward, we focused on designing the layouts of the different pages of our website. By following the design-build-test model, we were able to have a basis for implementing some of Chatr’s main features.

"I think a website like this is very important given how much of a boys club the internet can seem."
- Rebecca Gold

We are a group of four girls who love to code.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).