Aarthi R., Cindy L., Sun-Mi O., Julie A.

Charity4All is a website that allows you to locate charities/donation centers near you or any place you are looking to donate to. You enter your zip code in and that is when you will get a generated list of charities/donation places based off of your zip code. You then have various options of places to donate to.

Many people have clothes that they no longer use and want to donate but they either don't know what's accepted, it can be too complicated, or they aren't sure if their donations are actually helping.

We addressed the problem by creating a website that allows the user to just simply enter their zip code to generate 20 charities/donation centers. Technology is something that makes the lives of many easier, therefore we wanted to utilize tech in a way that benefits others.

A technical problem we faced was getting the Google Maps API to work. It was difficult to find out the code that would work with the website. We overcame this obstacle by dedicating one day to researching how to get the Google Maps API to function.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ElectronicArts.