Alondra, Audrey, Dahlia, Olachi, and Yerin

Cat's Quest (a reference to King's Quest) is a graphic adventure game in which the main character, a orphan kitten, is exploring the world on her own and completing various quests for NPCs scattered around the map. There are also some side quests where you can search for collectible ducks, which is a reference to a mystery that happened in our SIP where our teacher and TA's left rubber ducks along with hints and clues around the room.

Women make up about half the gaming community but only make up 22% of the game industry.

We wanted to make a video game of our own, and we weren't going to let these numbers stop us. By having our game open to the public, we hope that we can inspire other girls interested in game development to pursue their passions.

We faced challenges with coding in C# and had to deal with correct syntax and various compiler errors. Luckily, we were able to troubleshoot them with the help of online resources!

"I can't believe you already broke the game right after the tutorial!" - Yerin and Audrey
"How do I get the duck in the water?" - several testers

Alondra is a part of the graduating class of 2018 at Auburn High School! She loves to play Overwatch and spend time with her two little ferrets.

Audrey is a junior at Garfield High School and enjoys pretending that she is a dragon. Her favorite activities include sleeping and eating.

Dahlia is a senior at International School in Bellevue. She does gymnastics and pole vault at Newport High School and is hoping to go to college in California.

Olachi is a senior at Lynnwood High School! She takes great interest in exploring the outdoors and being involved in her community. Before the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, Olachi had no knowledge of coding but this program has built a new interest within her and gave her the experience she needed to pursue it.

Yerin is a senior at Newport High School and loves cute animals, peaches, and sweet iced tea! She is part of her school’s robotics team, NRG 948, and is interested in cybersecurity and psychology!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).