Cancer Patient Support Website

Paris B, Grace C, Auni E, Tamar A

Out website, Cancer Pal creates a supportive environment that education people more about cancer. Cancer Pal is not limited to anyone or a specific type of cancer. Our website gives text reminders to when to take a medication and our goal is to add more features such as a planner, journal, and social media platform.

The problem is that most websites only target one demographic, gender, or specific type of cancer.

Our website, called Cancer Pal, raises cancer awareness and gives people a place to be educated and supported, no matter what your race, gender, or cancer type.

One of our biggest challenges was figuring out the text alerts. We had no experience doing the tasks that were required to complete this aspect of our project. With help from our instructors and support from our group members, we figured out how to send texts through our website.

"It looks amazing"

Paris, Grace, Tamar, and Auni met at the Girls Who Code Program in Expedia. Grace loves to eat chocolate and aspires to become a surgeon in the future. She is active in Martial Arts and loves to go on long car drives. Auni enjoys long walks on the beach and devouring herself in cheesecake. She loves to play golf and aspires to become an engineer. Tamar likes making to-do lists and running outside with the wind in her hair. Her favorite food is pad see ew. Tamar wants to become a technical project manager or have a job where she can travel a lot. She loves to cook and hang out with her friends. Paris enjoys music and volunteering her time to the needy. She loves to eat sushi and wants to become a web developer or some sort of designer.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Expedia.