Platform game where you enter the body of a patient to cure his/her cancer.

Bergeline L., Atyyah H., Veronica C., Julia L.

This is an action-platform game similar to Super Mario where you play as Dr. Tanius, the Cancer Dominator. He can shrink down to cure the cancer himself!

However, if you get hit too many times, you will get infected yourself.

We wanted to address awareness of cancer and its causes. This game was therefore made to raise awareness to this issue.

We felt that it would be more engaging to have this information be presented in a game format.

We are addressing this issue in a fun and interactive way, with a game that takes place in the human body.

In the main menu, however, you can read more information about cancer, to further educate yourself.

When we started, we weren't all very familiar with Unity (a game development engine) and C# (the language that Unity uses).

There were many technical difficulties throughout the entire development process, but we managed to (hopefully!) fix all the bugs and create an immersive and engaging experience the entire way through.

We also had trouble embedding the game in an HTML5 web player, and then getting it to show up correctly.

"Very creative."

"It's a good game."

"It feels very professional."

Hi! We are four girls from New Jersey who aspire to work in STEM when we grow up.

We wanted to raise awareness about cancer and its causes.

You can play our game online (or download it) here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #2).