Cactivism: a safe place to learn about and participate in the world of peaceful activism

Bethelehem E., Tanvi K., Bella C., Maya V., and Eve L.

Cactivism, a website focused on activism, was created by high school students Eve, Beth, Tanvi, Maya, and Bella as their final project in Girls Who Code. Cactivism is a platform for activists around the world to share their opinions on world issues and to make a change. Its goal is to bring social awareness to activism occurring around the world and to assist people with these issues by giving them a space to post about their events and opinions.

Many people want to learn more about activism and become activists themselves, but don't know where to start and how to share their opinions and events.

Cactivism is a website where people will be able to learn about several different activism topics, share their opinions, post about events that occurring in their communities or that they created, and to learn about famous activists in our society.

We initially had issues on the event page, when we tried to link the events that people had posted to show up on the map on the right of it. However, with a lot of research and help from our teacher and T.A.'s, we were able to come up with a solution to this issue.

Hi everyone! Our names areĀ Eve, Bethelehem, Tanvi, Maya, and Bella and we participated in the Amazon Girls Who Code Program in Sunnyvale, CA. With the knowledge we learned from this program, we created a website called Cactivism, which is a website focused on activism. We are extremely grateful to have participated in this program and look forward to using are coding knowledge to help out our community!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).