"Bees, save, buzz buzz"

Cielo M., Jasmin E., Roshini S., Audrey S.

We created a website to save bees using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It features a mini-game and is an easy to use website. We hope that people BEE-lieve in our cause and help in any way they can.

Bees around the world are dying, and have a high chance of going extinct. If the bees were to die, their honey would go away, as well as food that they help pollinate. Without bees, we would be nothing because they are essential to our survival.

Our group designed a website called Save the Bees. Our website is designed to inform the public about the decreasing number in the bee population over the years and also the effects it would have on humans if bees keep dying. Save the Bees has resources, a mini interactive game, and ways you can donate to save the bees.

In order to spread awareness for the bees, we decided to make a fun and interactive website that users can experience. We made it easy to access and fun to use to make it a national idea that our fellow bees are slowly dying out of existence.

Some of our challenges were getting our buttons on our website to work properly and do their jobs. As well we struggled to embed our game onto our site. Also with the general formatting of our site.

"Yes, I think this well be very helpful and informative."

We are four girls who created a website to save bees, by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Workday.