Bump In The Road (BITR)

Bump In The Road (BITR)

"Not using BITR(bitter) makes you a quitter"

Likem B, Mariana B, Chanel G, Willow O, Roselande L,

Our project is a website that includes sections for facts and statistics, resources, and discussion. It'll help to spread awareness about the issue and connect teens in facing that situation to resources and websites that can help. A big part of our project was also the proposal that high schools and colleges do more to accommodate pregnant young women so that they actually don't have to drop out. A good way to do that would be to host a daycare on site for them that could also serve as an early learning center and childcare training.

We identified a prevalent problem of teens getting pregnant and not being able to finish their education. That in turn makes it harder to move on in life and they rarely have support from the family and the father of the child. This problem affects lots of women around the world so we're trying to spread awareness with our website Bump in the Road.

We made our website Bump in the Road (BITR) that includes sections for facts and statistics, resources, and discussion.

We had trouble getting the navigation bar to function properly, so we had to try a couple of different of ways until it function and was fixed no matter where you scrolled. We also had trouble getting the github to sync at the end so we transferred all the files to another computer and then uploaded it from there.

"Not using BITR makes you a quitter. Stay in school, so you have a sitter."

We are five amazingly awesome young women from Florida who care about our peers and their educational advancements.  We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. In the future, we hope our website will help increase the number of women in the workforce.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - MDC - Grace Hopper.