Collect items that you think will be beneficial to the environment and avoid items that are harmful.

Aayooshi D, Grace L, Karina C

We made "Build Your World" in Python using Pygame, where you use your own judgment to decide whether collecting a certain object will be harmful or beneficial to the environment. In addition to the game, we made a website with data and facts about climate change.

Our project focuses on the growing issue of global warming and climate change. The purpose of this was to raise awareness and highlight how humans are the ones contributing the most to this problem.

We included data and facts about climate change in our website, along with the environmental concept of the game, to address this problem.

We had several technical problems with coding the game in Python using Pygame. Creating the hitboxes for the sprites for the collision detection feature was difficult. We tried different ways of detecting collisions by changing the algorithm for detection. We went back and forth between the corner algorithm or the one side algorithm.

Also, we ran into problems with the functionality and display of the timer for the game. We asked someone and tried different ways of debugging it. By looking it up on the internet, we eventually solved it.

"This project is beautifully designed and well executed by 3 future pioneers of the tech industry."

Aayooshi, Grace, and Karina created this game. They hope to spread awareness on the important issue of global warming through this game. They met through the 2018 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Amazon Lab 126.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).