Create, imagine, Brosse.

Skylar P., Justine Q., Diana A., Khadija A.

Choosing a paint color for your wall has never been easier with the use of brosse! With brosse one is able to slide and adjust the RGB values of the sample room in order to discover their ideal color. Once the app is opened, the home screen is loaded and immediately following that the user is taken to the platform where they are able to adjust the RGB values to select a color of their liking. One can adjust the RGB values as little or as much as they please and they are able to view the exact RGB value of their ideal color.

People often do not have the time to look through paint samples and are limited to conventional, basic paint colors that might not be suited for their likings.

With Brosse one is able to access whatever color their heart desires and discover colors they might not have imagined. Brosse is designed to encourage creativity and uniqueness in a society of conformity.

Learning a new programming language as we created our app was the largest problem we faced. We overcame this issue by utilizing our resources available to us and by conducting our own research.

"A revolutionary idea that is redefining the home design experience!" - Brian Bernheim

Brosse was created by a group of rising senior and junior girls who were part of the Ford Motor Company Bay Area GWC Summer Immersion Program.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Ford Bay Area.